Paw Print Memorials

Using a soft, lightweight clay, an impression of your pet's front paw will be made once they are sedated. We will bake, finish and stamp your pet's name on front and send it back to you in the mail.  If you wish you can paint it, drill a hole to hang it, keep it as a paperweight or make it into a magnet. 

First print $30

We can make as many additional prints as you would like. These prints will be a raised version of your pet's paw in a choice of white or terra cotta colored clay.

Additional prints $20 each.

Price includes shipping them to you.

Angel Paws.,

Coming soon: Urns

Angel Paws  is proud to partner with local pottery and ceramic artist, Marc Hudson, to offer you wonderfully unique and beautiful urns.  Marc will use the pawprint impression from your animal to make your animal's urn truly personal and one-of-a-kind.

Please visit Marc's website to see more of his work.