What to Expect

Angel Paws.,

Dr. Gretchen will schedule a mutually convenient time to come to your home.  You need not move your pet if he or she is resting comfortably in their favorite spot in your house or in your yard. 

First, an injection of a sedative and pain reliever is given which will allow your pet to relax into a light sleep within 5 to 10 minutes. From this point on, they will no longer feel another second of discomfort or anxiety.  Many remark that this comfortable sleep is the most relaxed and at peace they have seen their pet in a while.

Then, when you are ready,  an injection of a second drug is administered.  The drug is actually an overdose of an anesthetic medicine which puts your pet under complete anesthesia before death occurs. Dr Gretchen has been honored to be nose to nose with her own dogs and cats during this extraordinary event and encourages you to do the same if you so wish.

Afterwards, if you choose to have your pet cremated, Dr. Gretchen will transport him or her in her vehicle.  Your beloved animal will be handled with great care as the cremation process occurs.  If you elect to have your pet privately cremated and ashes returned to you, we will arrange to get the ashes to you usually within a two-week window.

At your direction, we will notify your regular veterinarian of your pet's passing.